Benefits of the plastic pvc roof tile ?

At present, with the change of people’s concept, the application of synthetic resin tile is more and more popular. Why people like the plastic pvc roof tile ?

1.Long Lasting Color Stability

Plastic roof tile and roof sheet have outstanding weather resistance. They can effectively avoid color fading, color changing, and fracturing problems even when they are used under severe conditions with strong UV radiations, large temperature variations, as well as frequent wind and rain.

2.Superior Corrosion Resistance

Due to super anii-corrosion performance, chemical reactions won’t take place even when our roofing sheets are immersed in corrosive solutions for continuously 24 hours. our products won’t rust, which largely improves its waierproof performance. So our products are perfect for costal areas and place with frequent acid rain.

3.Very High Loading Gapacity

Our products have very high loading capacity due to high thermal stability. Thermal expansion or contraction won’t occur,even when they are applied in extremely temperatures -35′C to 60 ‘C. our products have no visible changes. Under low temperature, our products won’t occur surface damage or fracture problems.

4.Exceptional Waterproof Performance 

Plastic roof panels have special external designs. This, combined with our waterproof accessories, make sure all fastening screws wont rust. Thus, outstanding water resistance is guaranteed.

5.Highly Fire Resistant

According to tests conduced by SGS Synthetic resin tiles are a non-flammable material. Fire performance can be up to grade B.

6.Convenient and Efficient lnstallation

Plastic roofing materials have light weight and are available with a complete range of installation accessories, which contribute to convenient installation. The higher usage efficiency or effective width makes sure our products offer higher installation efficiency than clay tiles, thus saving cost.


Post time: Sep-09-2019