What is the performance of synthetic resin tiles?

The synthetic resin tile mainly uses the outer film as the protective layer on the basis of the resin tile, so the performance is better. Today, Gongli analyzes the following points.

1. impact resistance and low temperature resistance

Synthetic resin tile has strong external impact bearing capacity. The steel ball that has been inspected for 1 kg can freely fall from the height of 3 meters, and will not produce cracks. The impact resistance at low temperature is also very significant.

2, good fire resistance

Synthetic resin tiles are a non-flammable material. Fire performance can be up to grade B.

3. long-lasting color

It has good durability in the natural environment, and it can maintain its color stability under long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, moisture, heat and cold weather. Keep the color for ten

years without change.

4, in addition, the sound insulation effect is not bad. Synthetic resin tiles have a good noise absorption function when subjected to heavy rain, strong winds and the like.

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Post time: Sep-06-2019