UPVC roofing tile sheet Team to follow the footsteps of spring

March 12, 2010
Latest company news about UPVC roofing tile sheet Team to follow the footsteps of spring

latest company news about UPVC roofing tile sheet Team to follow the footsteps of spring  0

Some members of our family like climbing.


Today,the weather is nice.sunny and bright.they agreed to climb the mountain together


Why they like climbing?


1. Spring outing can not only broaden one's mind and cultivate sentiment, but also increase knowledge and strengthen the body. In the middle of the green hills and green fields, the spring breeze is blowing, the grass is like weeds, the sun is warm, and the birds are cheering, you will feel refreshed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.


2. If you usually lack exercise, or work at the desk for a long time, or are busy in the busy city all day, at this time, walk into the embrace of nature, breathe more fresh air, and bathe in more sunshine, you will definitely I think this trip is worthwhile. When outing, the activities of various parts of the body will promote blood circulation and metabolism, which is of great benefit to strengthening physical fitness and improving immunity. Moreover, when you go to the outskirts of fields, forests and seashores to enjoy the beautiful scenery, you will also breathe fresh and sweet air.


3. The air in these places is rich in negative oxygen ions. According to the measurement, there are only 40-50 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of air in urban households, and only 100-200 outdoor air. The air in rural fields can contain 700-1000 negative oxygen ions. There are more than 20,000 in the air.


4. Because the negative oxygen ions in the air can not only enhance the function of the cerebral cortex, make the mind clear and refreshing, but also enhance the heart and lung function, promote blood circulation, and stimulate the human hematopoietic function, so it is known as "air vitamin".


5. Looking far away in the green mountains and green waters is also beneficial to eyesight and can prevent myopia. Stimulate thinking and sprout innovation. From the perspective of human physiological and psychological mechanisms, spring outing is beneficial to stimulate the happiness center of the human brain, thereby making people feel comfortable and spiritually happy. Natural education is subtle. Man-made education lacks human care, and getting spiritual enlightenment and experience wisdom from nature is like spring rain.


6. Inspire love and arouse aesthetic taste. Spring outing is the easiest way to make life close to nature and feel the feelings of nature; the wonderful combination of human landscape and natural landscape is the easiest to stimulate people's aesthetic appeal and arouse love. When people’s dreams collide with the beauty of spring in an instant, they often make people’s minds enlightened and sublimated.


7. Enlighten people to reflect and inspire people to forge ahead. The value of spring lies in its beauty and shortness. Because of its short time, it is easier for people to reflect on life while feeling the vitality of spring, and thus to love work and life more.