The insulation of ASA resin roof tile

            When the summer is coming , the weather is getting more and more hotter . And the heat insulation of the roof is more important. As a commonly used roofing material, what is the insulation secret of ASA resin tile to make the heat in the house as low as possible?

           First of all, for those houses that have already installed resin tiles, since they have been built, they can only be insulated on the basis of the built-up. A better method is to solve the problem of  nsulation by adopting a ceiling.

          Secondly, if a steel frame or wooden frame is built, a layer of fireproof insulation cotton can be placed under the tile when installing the ASA resin tile. The specific method is: firstly lay a layer of aluminum foil paper above the stringer, then spread the fireproof insulation cotton, then lay the wood layer, then lay the waterproof membrane on the wood layer, and then install the resin tile.

         This can be insulated and enhance the waterproof performance, but many people consider the cost problem, will save the wood layer and waterproof coil layer; or save the insulation cotton, directly lay the wood + waterproof coil and then install the resin tile.

        The third method is to install the synthetic resin roof tile after the concrete cast-in-place roof, so that the thermal insulation and waterproof effect can be achieved.

         Some people say that the cost of this operation is very high. Of course, installing the ASA resin tile insulation layer instead of installing the insulation layer is definitely more costly than the former, and the pursuit of comfort also requires a corresponding cost.

Post time: Sep-09-2019