New type of integrated with roofing material(highly fire-resistant PC/ASA tile )

It offers many attractive features, such as a lower cost simpler construction, better design, and greater fire resistance than previous modules(traditional tiles), and it help to accelerate the use of pc/asa in residential applications.

Recently , the installation number of such material roofing tile application for residential houses, chemical plant has been rapidly increasing as to response the call of environmental protection and energy conservation.

The new ASA synthetic resin tile and PC transparent/pvc tile has a 3 layers co-extrusion structure, with the layer on top is made of imported ASA super weather resistance to achieve long lasting color, the sub-layer is skeleton layer which makes it possible to block the sun through to get heat insulation, and the bottom later is material of ware-resisting to make it look brighter and has stronger strength performance.

We subjected the new 白底主图39ASA synthetic resin tile and PC transparent/pvc tile to reliability tests in accordance to conform whether it performs satisfactorily as a roofing material.

Fire resistance:

A 5-min roof fire-resistance test was conducted using a roof cut sample which was heated to the temperature of  . The results confirmed the satisfactory fire resistance of the roof with the new modules.


Fire protection:

An external roof-heating test was conducted using two burning brands on the roof cut sample,in the test, there was no fire penetration, no fire spreading ,no sustained flaming, and no other forms of unsatisfactory appearance.



A  waterproofing test we conducted for the new resin tile, and no leakage was apparent at the cut sample.


Module Installation

To simplify construction, a direct module fastening method which is similar to that of conventional metal roofing tiles was adopted.


The preceding results confirmed the practicality of the new module integrated with roofing materials.


The performance of new type of roofing tile and its suitability as a roofing material have been confirmed. In several reliability tests showed no evidence of leaks and any effect on the roof, thus , it was confirmed the tile performs much better than the traditional tiles. As a new roofing tile, the present system performed higher level and ease the installation as conventional roofing tile. And the workers with absolutely no knowledge of product can install correctly.

Post time: Aug-05-2019