How to prevent the deformation of resin tile



The main reasons for the uneven deformation and bubbling of synthetic resin tile are as follows:


1. The quality of synthetic resin tile is poor, such as arbitrary arching of recycled material products, resulting in uneven arch.


2. Surrounding grilles or uneven corners of synthetic resin tile.


3. The synthetic resin tile itself has high moisture content and poor quality, resulting in shrinkage and deformation.


4. Installation purlin or purlin spacing is too large, and irregular deflection occurs after keel deformation.


5. The stress joint of synthetic resin tile is not tightly bonded, and displacement deformation occurs after stress.


6. The specifications of synthetic resin tiles are too thin, especially those covered with color steel tiles. The thermal expansion and cooling shrinkage ratio of the two materials are different, and the thin synthetic resin tiles are easy to bubbles.


Since we understand the reasons for the uneven phenomena of synthetic resin tile, we need to maintain it and take preventive measures against these possible causes of uneven phenomena.




Mainly from the following aspects of prevention.


1. Synthetic resin tiles should be made of high-quality sheet materials. The synthetic resin tiles made of Foshan Gongli Building Material refuse to be redone. They are all made of brand-new raw materials and strictly follow the production process.




2. The keel should be straight and should not be distorted or scarred with cross-section.




3. The installation method of synthetic resin tile should be leveled according to the design elevation on the wall around the elastic line. When fixing nails, the horizontal line should be taken as the standard around the wall. The arching height of the horizontal line should be 1/200 of the short span of the room, and the longitudinal arch should be hoisted evenly.




4. Synthetic resin tile should be 3.0mm as far as possible, and purlin spacing 660m.



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Post time: Aug-08-2019