Hidden Rules of Synthetic Resin Industry

ASA synthetic resin roof tile 工程图2Thickness:

Has thickness 2, 2.5 and 3mm, deviation range is ±0.1, some suppliers are to benefits of deceiving consumer by telling them 3mm instead of actual 2.8mm. In fact, formal manufacturer or brand has very strict standards that each resin tile will be tested before delivery so the deviation range of thickness is under control.


Raw material: use blending brand new material and reclaimed material

It is a regular phenomenon in resin tile industry that reclaim material is conducted with impurities, the characteristics of processed resin tile is weaken comparing with brand material made resin tile, darker color and fading, easily aging and cracking, short lifespan, not smooth bottom, also many uneven small particles. A rather pungent smell drifted up from burning resin tile and it’s harmful to human body.

Surface material: using ABS to replace ASA resin

Some roofing sheet  manufacturer use ABS as surface, just because the cost of ABS is relatively cheaper than ASA. Yet, according the theory, the performance of anti aging and weather-proof of ASA is 10 times than ABS, in other words ,the lifespan of ABS is nearly 10 years inferior to ASA, easily faded(begin fading after a few months), easily crack(brittle temperature -7). Skin layer of ASA resin directly affects the serving life of resin which has the affection of anti aging and anti UV. 

Post time: Aug-05-2019