ASA synthetic resin tiles for practical parking roof shed

With the gradual improvement of living conditions, there are more and more private cars, especially in rural areas, where they can stop at any time and anywhere, but people who love cars still feel open-air parking and have a bad influence on vehicles. It is easy to let the vehicle fade when it is exposed to the sun and rain all year round.

Gongli building materials manufacturers produce ASA synthetic resin tile, ASA anti-corrosion composite tile, APVC anti-corrosion composite tile and other production-oriented enterprises, among which ASA synthetic resin tile is used by many people to build parking roof sheds, which can be beautifully protected to vehicles.

So what are the advantages of using ASA synthetic resin tiles?

Compared with traditional tiles, the installation is simple, the construction time is shorter, and the use is safe. In the pursuit of color, Gongli has given a variety of colors on the resin tile.

Light weight, waterproof, low carbon and environmental protection, the service life can reach 30 years, anti-corrosion and weather resistance, wind and impact resistance, is a rare product.

The steps to build are as follows:

1, the main tile construction: the whole pavement, easy to install.

2, the ridge tile: connect the main tile, the whole against each other.

3, drip plate, installed at the bottom of the main tile, used for dripping water in the eaves, beautiful and beautiful.

4, oblique ridge tile: used for roofing the roof of the roof, used for sealing.


Post time: Sep-06-2019