The difference between resin tile and daylighting roof tile



 Resin roof tile and Skylight roof tile are two kinds of roof building materials, which are used in roof building. Resin tile manufacturers are widely used in modern buildings, so what is the difference between them?

 Synthetic resin tile, pressed by ASA high weatherproof resin toughness skeleton high wear-resistant resin three-layer co-extrusion technology, is a new building material developed by using high-tech chemical technology. It has many excellent characteristics, such as light weight, high strength, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and flame-retardant, sound insulation and heat insulation.

 There are two kinds of raw materials for the production of daylighting roof  tile, FRP and PVC. At present, FRP is the main material, so it is also called FRP roof  tile, commonly known as FRP, transparent tile, Use mostly as roofing lighting.

Application of synthetic resin tile:

Ancient-style resin tiles are widely used in development zones, such as slope conversion projects, building projects, mobile houses, agricultural markets, shopping malls, residential areas, new rural construction, ordinary residential houses, villas, awnings, awnings, antique buildings, garden pavilions and villas.

 Trapezoidal and wave-shaped resin tile is suitable for roofing materials such as workshop, steel structure workshop, warehouse, agricultural market, market access, car shed, etc. Especially in corrosive chemical factories, smelters, ceramics factories, soy sauce factories, fertilizer factories, printing and dyeing factories, organic solvent factories, acid and alkali factories.

 There are also resin tiles for ceiling, which are mainly used for indoor roofs in workshop and aquaculture sites, with beautifying decorative effect, while protecting purlin and other metal structures.


Application of shining tile:

Industrial plant roof wall lighting, agricultural vegetable greenhouse thermal insulation lighting, public stadium roof lighting, special requirements of building flame retardant, anti-corrosion and heat insulation and other places. There are also warehouses, greenhouses, stations, wharfs, airports, commercial buildings, steel structures and many other lighting areas.


It is found that the resin tile is suitable for all kinds of building roof walls, while the lighting tile is only suitable for building roof lighting zones such as factory buildings and venues.

Post time: Aug-08-2019