117th Canton Fair

April 15, 2015
Latest company news about 117th Canton Fair

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After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, in November 1949, under the proposal of the United States, the "Export Control Coordination Committee", an international organization that imposed embargoes and trade restrictions, was secretly established in Paris; "proposal. In order to break the blockade, develop foreign trade, and exchange foreign exchange urgently needed for national construction, the new China is unswerving in this regard. Therefore, the establishment of the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, near Hong Kong and Macau, with a long history of foreign trade and an important starting point for the Maritime Silk Road, has become the only choice.


The first Canton Fair was successfully established and quickly became the main channel for China to earn foreign exchange through exports, opening up a channel for China to interact with the world. Beginning in 1965, the annual export transactions of the Canton Fair accounted for more than 30% of the country's total annual exports. In 1972 and 1973, both accounted for more than 50%. In the past few decades, the Canton Fair site has been relocated several times, the area of the exhibition hall has increased dozens of times, the scale has gradually expanded, and the influence has increased. Since the 101st session in the spring of 2007, in order to promote trade balance, the Canton Fair began to set up an import pavilion and officially changed its name to "China Import and Export Fair".


Thank you very much for this platform of the Canton Fair, which gives us more opportunities to communicate with overseas customers. During the exhibition, customers were very interested in our products. Especially ASA resin tile, ASAPVC composite tile. Customers have better ideas for resin tiles used in civil buildings and trapezoidal upvc tiles used in factories and warehouses.


We believe that during the exhibition, we will receive more opportunities.


Thank you for your visit and look forward to creating a better future with you!