Roof building materials professional manufacturer



Imported raw materials

Guangdong Gongli building pursuits high product quality Endlessly, also strictly uses the best imported raw materials ,which are used to make the artistic space of the products to be infinite.Our products are produced under the four - layer compression technology ,this continues to exploit and innovate,and make the color, light, ze, and art all play to the extreme.


Long usage

We strictly monitor on the processes on Selecting material, production,test  and distribution.The performance indexes of the products meet the testing standards of the national authorities.Selected listed companies to import raw materials, product quality assurance, this makes product life long.


Complete product line

With the Introduction of advanced European production equipment and technology, We have complete product lines, strong strength, abundant supply, and we also have various types of Roofing building materials products , complete accessories, production technology excellence.


Strong production scale

With a total area of more than 40,000 square meters, we have 12 advanced production lines including 6 lines are under  construction, also have an annual output of 60,000 tons and a high production technology.


Complete certification

Gongli building materials have its own testing laboratory, the gap butt joint utility model patent products. With SGS testing certificate, AL quality certification and CNAS testing and recognition, it has been awarded the title of China's integrity demonstration enterprise, national and synthetic resin tile alliance member unit, and China roofing building materials famous brand.


Independent research and development laboratory

Gongli building materials design team is committed to research and development ASA synthetic resin tile, ASA composite tile, Chinese style tile, A - PVC insulating anticorrosive tile, PVC single tile, transparent tiles, such as product design, combined with human body engineering, engineering mechanics, and the people's life, habits, fusion of modern art aesthetic, develop all together to form the unique brand, guide the industry mainstream.